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New Orleans Airport Geofoam Project Profile

Louis Armstrong Int’l Airport – (New Orleans, LA)

The New Orleans Airport East/West Runway’s nine month, $64 million rehabilitation project included the removal of some existing pavement, repair, and replacement of damaged/deteriorated pavement sections, and the installation of a new concrete overlay. Geofoam with Perform Guard® was selected as a lightweight engineered fill material.

  • Geofoam was utilized to mitigate differential settlements of existing pavements that were not performing well, and to mitigate potential differential settlement at the interface between new and existing pavements.
  • Geofoam was used under the newly widened sections of the taxiway fillets to accommodate 747-400 aircraft turning radius.
  • Geofoam was utilized for settlement mitigation as part of a new taxiway connector constructed on virgin soils.
Geofoam with Perform Guard solved another problem at the New Orleans Airport site: potential termite damage to the Geofoam. The soils at the site are filled with tree stumps and roots, a good source of nutrition for subterranean termites. Geofoam with Perform Guard is treated with an EPA Registered additive that prevents the potential for a significant infestation of the Geofoam.
Note: Geofoam with Perform Guard has been used on two early phases of construction at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans Int’l Airport dating back to 1995.