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Faced Roof Insulations

Foam-Control Faced Insulation Foam-Control faced roof insulation come with a factory applied fiberglass fire resistant facer that replaces the need for coverboards of gypsum, woodfiber and perlite over Foam-Control in selected Single-Ply Membrane roofing systems. Foam-Control faced roof insulation can be applied directly to metal decks providing a one step insulation and fire resistant facer system without the use of a code specified thermal barrier, resulting in reduced material and labor costs.


Foam-Control faced roof insulation is compatible with the most widely used Single-Ply roofing assemblies. Additional benefits such as design flexibility, resistance to moisture, and high R-value make Foam-Control faced roof insulation the preferred roofing solution among Contractors, Architects and Engineers. It is also one of the most cost-effective steel deck roofing insulations on the market.

Direct-To-Deck Assemblies.

UL recognizes Foam-Control EPS to be applied directly over steel roof decks along with a Class A, B or C roof covering.

  • Steel Deck: Minimum 22 gauge, 1/2” deep, non-perforated, and maximum 6” flutes.
  • EPS Thickness: Up to 10″ (Type I). Refer to UL Roof Deck Construction No. 458 for other thickness and Types.
  • Accepted Membranes: Approved EPDM or thermoplastic single-ply that are ballasted or mechanically attached, maximum 80 mils thickness.


Foam-Control faced roof insulation is available in two grades.

  • Foam-Control – ST
  • Foam-Control – VS
  Foam-Control Faced Insulation