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Foam-Control R-SHIELD 3-Ci An easy to use 3-in-one bracing, insulation, and weather-resistive/air barrier board.

3-Ci is the ideal three-in-one continuous insulation (Ci) sheathing board. 3-Ci installs quickly over residential and commercial wood framing members using compatible pneumatic nail guns. Standard wall claddings, such as wood, vinyl, stucco, cement boards, etc., can be installed over 3-Ci.


  • Saves labor with one step installation
  • Braces, insulates, and a weather-resistive/air barrier
  • Saves energy – no thermal breaks
  • Superior moisture resistance
  • No CFC, HCFC, HFC, or formaldehyde
  • No R-value loss or thermal drift
  • 4×8, 4×9, 4×10 standard boards available
  Foam-Control R-SHIELD 3-Ci
  Foam-Control R-SHIELD 3-Ci Installation Instructions